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Blue Ribbon Technologies offers professional, cost-effective scanning services to convert paper and computer documents to electronic formats.
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Scanning and Conversion

The need to effectively, efficiently and securely manage your company's information and documents is growing exponentially. If you need to streamline document workflow to create operational efficiencies and cost-savings or meet new industry standards, Blue Ribbon services can assist by improving your control of information and documents.

Blue Ribbon Technologies works with you to handle all your project details. With the capability to scan documents at your location or in our automated high-volume scanning facility, we can fulfill your needs accurately and quickly. Our document-scanning services are suitable for your back-file or day-forward conversions, including scanning contracts, agreements, invoices, and technical and engineering drawings. We provide professional cost-effective scanning services to convert paper documents to electronic formats. Our services include:

  • A full needs analysis to determine the most time- and cost-effective solution for you
  • Project management
  • Document preparation
  • Document scanning (black and white, gray-scale, and color) and indexing
  • Document capture (including legacy media)
  • Image clean-up and enhancement
  • Archiving and digital imaging services for virtually all document types and data formats

Blue Ribbon services sets the standard in capturing, indexing and making your documents accessible anytime, anywhere. We understand that a company's business information transcends data and document conversion: it affects the entire business process. We help you to solve critical business problems by providing cost-effective solutions for managing unwieldy amounts of paper documents. This process yields electronic information when and where you need it:

  • Facilitating tracking and managing functions
  • Enabling faster and more accurate decisions
  • Ensuring legal compliance
  • Archiving for business continuity

After Conversion

Once converted to electronic format, documents can be stored securely, reducing or eliminating paper storage and handling costs and helping you to maintain business continuity. If you have an existing document-management system, your electronic images can be returned in your choice of format, with index information provided on CD or DVD media, or delivered to you electronically. If you need only archived images for later use, the inexpensive DynaView application enables you to view scanned images on disk. If you prefer a more robust management and retrieval system, your documents can be imported automatically into the DynaFile document-management application for instantaneous access via any Internet-enabled PC.

Service Benefits

Consider some of the benefits of scanned documents:

  • Reduce processing costs by up to 70%
  • Save time by enabling multiple users immediate access to documents simultaneously
  • Ensure business continuation
  • Eliminate the need to worry about managing varying workloads

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