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You have a superb paper document system and diligent personnel. Recently you acquired additional archive space to accommodate growth. But your state-of-the-art system still can take hours to retrieve a document. And at crunch time, hours can become days.
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Blue Ribbon Technologies understands your situation because they have walked in your shoes. They developed a streamlined suite of products that enable you to dynamically manage, archive and retrieve large volumes of documents in a secure digital environment. And a variety of licensing options are available to tailor to your own unique needs and budget requirements.

Through the products offered in the DynaFile™ Document Management suite, you can be assured that your specific needs of achieving a paperless office are met. From document capture, through viewing and retrieval and finally archiving and distribution of your documents, the products in this suite of applications are the perfect choice. If you would like more information about how these products can help you, please contact us.

For Immediate Release - DynaFile version 3 released by Blue Ribbon Technologies

DynaFile is the heart of the document management suite. It is a simple, easy to use, web-based management system that works:
  • Without installing any software
  • While ensuring complete document security
  • In real time
  • From any computer with internet access
  • At any time from any location
DynaScan can be used as a companion product to DynaFile to help automated the import of documents into the system, or as a stand-alone document capture and retrieval system. This application is designed to:
  • Quickly and efficiently capture and index documents
  • Work seamlessly with numerous types of scanners
  • Automatically correct and enhance images
  • Work stand-alone or in a networked environment
DynaView DynaView is a light-weight document viewing application that allows users to easily view documents that have been scanned using DynaScan, or archived off of the DynaFile™ application. It is a Windows based application that allows the viewing and printing of documents that reside on removable media (CD, DVD, etc.) without the extra overhead of security or document manipulation. DynaView™ is perfect for:
  • Viewing documents in locations that donít have internet access
  • Providing specific documents to external business clients
  • Archiving data for cold storage

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